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Search subtitles in multiple web sites at the same time

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SubFind is an online subtitle searching tool, enabling users to look for a given subtitle on multiple websites at the same time.

With a clean and easy to use interface, SubFind supports a total of six subtitle pages and, unfortunately, there's no way to add new ones. And the truth is, that's really a problem, especially because during our test some of them didn't work at all.

SubFind allows you to search for a subtitle in a wide array of languages, including Dutch, Chinese, Czech, Hungarian or Greek. And the searching process is fully customizable straight from the main window with dedicated fields for CD number, FPS, translator and an uploader.

In addition, you can define straight from the get go the language of the subtitle and decide whether to search just a single website or all six of them.

Clicking on a found subtitle opens the browser and loads the page where the subtitle is published, so no, you cannot download subtitles straight from SubFind.

There's a settings menu as well that enables you to configure the search languages, but also the waiting time for page opening, background, text and series subtitle color.

If we were to vote for some changes, we would go for a larger subtitle website database, but also for a built-in download tool to avoid opening the page in a browser.

All things considered, SubFind is nothing more than an interesting idea, but it's pretty clear that you may waste your time using it. The same subtitle searching task can be done straight from Google without even installing an app.

SubFind was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on March 19th, 2013
SubFind - SubFind's main window showing the menu, the search criteria, the advanced search options and the results found on the 6 websites listed at the bottom of the window.SubFind - SubFind's settings window displaying the various program options that allow you to configure the application's behaviour according to your preferences.

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