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TorrenTopia is a BitTorrent client that's supposed to catch everyone's attention thanks to its simplicity and it promises to offer users only the tools they need and nothing more.

The application is thus based on a minimal interface, with just a few buttons at the top of the page in order to access its features in a second.

You can go over to 'Search' in order to look for a given file on the Internet, enter 'Downloads' to see the current tasks, click on 'My Files' to access the content you have already downloaded, jump to 'Links' for managing the built-in links or step into 'Settings' to set up the application.

Unfortunately, TorrenTopia is quite an old app, so it lacks many of the features available in today's BitTorrent clients, while some of the ones included in the package aren't even working.

The search tool, for example, allows you to search the Internet for any term, but instead of showing the results in the main window, TorrenTopia opens your browser and loads the results of the search engine you used.

The download screen seems to be the only one that's close to what we're seeing today on the market, providing a lot of useful details, such as download speed, progress, time left, seeds and peers.

The 'Settings' menu is just basic and enables you to change the upload limit per connection, the maximum simultaneous transfers and the download path. Additionally, you can modify the port, the language and the theme.

The good thing about TorrenTopia is probably the fact that it has been designed to be simple, so beginners won't get in trouble when using it. On the other hand, TorrenTopia lacks too many features to meet the expectations of more advanced users.

As a conclusion, TorrenTopia deserves a shot and nothing more. Chances are that most of the trackers are not compatible anymore with TorrenTopia, so you may end up with a useless client.

TorrenTopia was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on December 17th, 2012

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