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A customizable popup blocker.

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The cases where advertising is disrupting the web experience are numerous, but users can avoid this by using special software that can prevent pop-ups from running rampant all over the page.

Better Pop Up Blocker is an add-on for Google Chrome that promises an improved browsing experienced that is not tainted by advertisements.

Perfect integration into the web browser

Since this is an extension, integrating it into the web browser is a breeze, as long as you allow the navigator to install resources from other places than the Web Store.

There is no interface available and the only hint that the product is running is its icon (a blue brick) at the far right end of the address bar in Chrome.

Easy to configure pop-up blocker

Configuring it is not a complicated task; in fact, the extension is configured pretty well by default. It offers the possibility to add the websites that are allowed to display pop-ups and there is support for regular expressions for creating a more extensive list in a shorter amount of time.

Another section in the configuration panel allows selecting the HTML or JavaScript functions that should denied. These include all sorts of prompts and alert boxes, text selection interception, context menus, click interception, panels that move and resize on their own, timers, etc.

Additionally, it can be instructed to close all the pop-up screens that get through and to strip all the javascript in a link in order to make it regular. The add-on can inform when it has initiated a blocking action by making the blue brick blink.


Better Pop Up Blocker is not the most efficient tool on the market for getting rid of advertisements, but it does provide some protection against all sorts of windows popping up during the browsing session. However, it may on some pages it may prevent some useful elements from loading up.

Better Pop Up Blocker was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on April 24th, 2014
Better Pop Up Blocker - You can use the address bar button to allow or block the popups from a certain website.Better Pop Up Blocker - The Pop Up Blocker extension allows you to create a list of websites that you need to block or allow.Better Pop Up Blocker - The user can specify the JavaScript functions that can be executed when the pages are loaded.Better Pop Up Blocker - The Other section provides access to the extension button behavior parameters.

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