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Play a long list of TV channels, as well as webcam streams, videos on demand and radio stations with just a few clicks, filter items and record your favorite shows

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Internet connectivity has evolved and expanded so much that it is now assisting us in many of our daily activities and, in some cases, it is even replacing them altogether.

Such is the case of traditional television. More and more people are watching their favorite TV channels online with the help of one of the many dedicated software solutions out there.

ChrisTV Online! FREE Edition is one of the tools that can do that, offering users a comprehensive list of TV channels from all over the world. It includes not only online television but also webcam streams, video on demand and radio stations.

Clean interface and sorting channels

The most important thing regarding ChrisTV Online! FREE Edition's is that the app is impressively easy to use, which means it is aimed at beginners and professional users alike. Yet you should be careful during the installation process, as it comes with many offers to download other products that are not actually necessary for this tool to work fully.

Since the software offers such a long list of TV channels, it is only natural that it comes with multiple options to filter them. To be more precise, you can sort them according to category, country, station type or name.

Playback controls and tree view of channels

There is no complicated settings menu, which again is great for less-experienced users. It also comes bundled with a volume bar, playback controls for recording, playing and stopping the stream, and it also supports a fullscreen mode.

A folder structure is available in the main window which enables you to easily browse through the available channels. Nonetheless, there are quite a few stations that are not available because some of the streams are no longer made public, while others require a Premium account.

A last assessment

All in all, ChrisTV Online! FREE Edition remains one of the best apps in this particular software category. Thanks to its ease of use and great variety of channels it comes with, this is a utility that definitely deserves one of the top spots. It does not put a strain on the computer’s performance and jobs are completed in a fair amount of time.

In case you are interested in more options and channels, you should try the premium version of this tool, called ChrisTV Online! Premium Edition.

ChrisTV Online! FREE Edition was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on July 1st, 2015
ChrisTV Online! FREE Edition - ChrisTV Online! FREE Edition is a software that allows you to watch LIVE TV channels.ChrisTV Online! FREE Edition - The right click context menu allows you to activate the fullscreen mode and add new channels.ChrisTV Online! FREE Edition - ChrisTV Online! FREE Edition allows you to visit the channel website and add it to your favorite lists.ChrisTV Online! FREE EditionChrisTV Online! FREE EditionChrisTV Online! FREE EditionChrisTV Online! FREE Edition

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