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Easy TV brings live and recorded television at your desktop

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Easy TV is a freeware program that lets you watch online television with ease, offering a comprehensive list of channels from multiple countries of the world.

The application is pretty easy to use and that happens especially thanks to the user friendly interface that provides instant access to the available TV stations.

Channels are listed, as we said, by country, so it's pretty easy to find the one you're looking for. Plus, you can add some of the stations to favorites, so playing the same stream at a later date is even easier.

Besides the fact that it shows ads right in the main window, Easy TV also displays station information, with details such as category, website, created and played date and schedule.

Plus, there are the common video controls, such as stop and mute, as well as a volume slider to adjust volume on the go.

Another useful feature of the program is the station editor which gives you the power to add new stations to the list, with required details including URL, website, comment and bitrate.

Easy TV works okay most of the time, but many of the available streams are down. In addition, there are many popular channels missing from the list and although the app lets you add your very own entries, it's a pain in the neck for every user to do that manually.

The amount of needed resources is low and Easy TV has absolutely no problem to run on all Windows versions on the market.

Overall, Easy TV is a handy piece of software, but it needs a major update, not only to remove the dead links, but to also expand the station list.

Easy TV was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on February 6th, 2012
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