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Watch your favorite shows from your HP notebook to your big screen television set within minutes by deploying this application software

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HP MediaSmart Live TV Software helps you turn your ordinary television set into a smart TV by connecting it to your HP computer.

All you have to do is deploy HP MediaSmart Live TV Software to your laptop and get cracking immediately with layers and layers of multimedia right on your TV. With HP MediaSmart Live TV Software, you can watch live TV channels, listen to Internet radio stations and even access the newest stuff when it comes to blockbusters.

In order to watch and listen to Internet streams, you must make sure that you have some kind of connectivity to them assured by any DVB (digital video broadcasting) devices. HP even designed and commercialized a MediaSmart Server between 2008 and 2010, based on the Microsoft Windows Home Server OS.

While this was a notable initiative from HP, this product category did not last long because it could not conquer other newly introduced, innovative technologies that proved to be more efficient while less expensive. HP MediaSmart Live TV Software’s digital media player syncs the media from the HP laptop to your big screen and that’s about all.

As standalone smart TVs entered the market, the use for such software has diminished and even has drawn to a halt in some cases. If not the cease right, now, then HP MediaSmart Live TV Software will surely be well forgotten in the years to come.

The bottom line with HP MediaSmart Live TV Software is that, although it helped you get your favorite digital media from your HP laptop only to your TV set, the fact that you can now do the same and even better with your smart TV alone is a dealbreaker. HP MediaSmart Live TV Software has done its part in the past and can now retire as new products do not require additional software in order to provide the same (if not more) content.

HP MediaSmart Live TV Software was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on November 27th, 2013

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