Live TV for Windows 8

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An intuitive and user-friendly application that provides access to a variety of TV channels, allowing you to record content and view TV guides for each of them

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Live TV for Windows 8 is a versatile application that delivers instant access to a large list of local and international TV channels, facilitating a recording feature for those who want to watch the shows at a later time.

The application uses an online service powered by FilmOn in order to retrieve and play the streams, also being able to fetch TV guides on demand.

The service that enforces the application to function provides various benefits to users that sign up for an account and provides a few paid subscription plans for HD playback and recording or remote DVR.

However, watching TV doesn’t require you to pay anything, although it’s obvious that the quality won’t be one of the best.

Live TV for Windows 8 sports a modern interface, with instant access to thousands of channels, organized by the type of content they’re streaming.

You’ll be presented with a list of local TV stations, as well as for UK, completed by a category of sports channels, movies, news, lifestyle, fashion and FilmOn exclusive.

In order to quickly locate a certain channel, simply start typing its name and have the results delivered immediately.

Once you’ve started watching a channel, you’ll quickly notice that alongside the section dedicated to the playback, there’s a short TV guide that you can browse through in order to see what shows are next.

You can also pin channels to the start menu or build a favorites list for quicker access to the TV stations that you like most.

The general impression that Live TV for Windows 8 is that of a good asset that benefits home users, as well as those of you who are on the run, but still like to watch TV on your tablet. Some benefits require a paid subscription, but if you’re willing to compromise on quality, there’s no payment involved.

Live TV for Windows 8 was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on November 19th, 2013
Live TV for Windows 8 - Live TV for Windows 8 provides users with a rich list of TV channels they can watch live.Live TV for Windows 8 - Live TV for Windows 8 plays the TV channels in a wide window, with the possibility to turn it to full screen.

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