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A handy and intuitive application that allows you to view any of your favorite TV channels that are being streamed on the Internet

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Nowadays, most TV programs are also streamed online, allowing you to view your favorite channels on your laptop or computer. Online streaming has several advantages, as the one who broadcasts the channel can record certain shows, so that anyone who wants to review or has missed it when it was being aired can easily access them.

MyTotal TV is a handy and reliable application that gives you the possibility to watch certain TV channels that are being streamed on the Internet.

Intuitive online TV player with modern-looking interface

The application allows you to seamlessly view your favorite TV channels that are being streamed online. This way, you have instant access to your favorite shows and movies from your computer or laptop.

Furthermore, you can switch between several view, depending on your preferences. For instance, you can browse channels while viewing a preview of them, or check all of them at once, using the multi-screen display.

Dependable and fun to use Internet-streamed TV player that can record shows

MyTotal TV can display TV channels that are being streamed online helping you check the programs chart of each stream, so that you know what shows or movies are scheduled for the next several hours or days.

The application automatically records TV programs and shows, allowing you to review them anytime. This is a handy feature, as you can view our favorite shows anytime, even if you missed them when they were aired.

A powerful online TV stream player that support multi-screens

MyTotal TV can help you view TV shows being aired on the Internet from the comfort of your computer or laptop anytime you want. To conclude, the application provides you with a sturdy environment for watching TV online, along with a few useful features, such as multi-screens and recorded TV shows.

MyTotal TV was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on June 28th, 2014
MyTotal TV - MyTotal TV allows you to view your favorite TV channels and programs that are being streamed on the Internet.MyTotal TV - You can easily switch program views, so that you will be able to access your favorite channel faster or get details about it.MyTotal TV - Switching to the multi-screen display allows you to preview all the channels that are being streamed online.MyTotal TV - screenshot #4MyTotal TV - screenshot #5

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