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A lightweight radio utility that enables you to tune into Internet radio stations and enjoy retro 8-bit music from old video games

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Internet radio stations allow you to choose between thousands of available streams, depending on your tastes and preferences.

Unfortunately, the downside is that they can sometimes use too much of your bandwidth and interfere with your other activities, slowing them down to a crawl.

Listen to retro 8-bit music with minimal bandwidth requirements

Radio Client is a compact application designed to stream simple 8-bit music for those of you who appreciate retro-style music taken from old video games. At the same time, the bandwidth is barely affected, since the amount of data transferred is minimal to say the least, thanks to the very low bitrate of the stream.

As far as functionality is concerned, there is not a lot than can go wrong, due to the limited number of features and options that comprise the utility. The simplicity is albeit a strength in this case, since it is designed to stay in the background and remain unnoticed during your work sessions.

Control the playback volume and shuffle through songs

Radio Client uses XM files to render the sound, which distinguish themselves through the small size and decent sound fidelity, despite working with streams limited to 8-bit quality. Furthermore, the overall volume can be easily adjusted by making use of the integrated slider, which allows you to control the sound level.

The only other button available in the interface is responsible for changing the track and it can shuffle through the hefty list of songs available in the stream. One major disadvantage is that there is no information about the name of the track, artist or station, hence you do not actually know what you are listening to, unless you recognize the tune from previous personal experience.

Closing arguments

If you are a die-hard fan of retro 8-bit music, then you may find some joy in this application. Regardless of tastes though, Radio Client could have used a larger palette of options, as well as more information about the actual music. All in all, in case you need a distraction from your work routine, it might as well be 8-bit sounds from your favorite childhood games.

Radio Client was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on July 8th, 2014
Radio Client - The application's main window displays a sound volume slider and a small button that allows you to change songs.

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