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Watch and listen to thousands of TV and radio channels all over the world, record a stream, rip audio CDs and shut down the PC with this comprehensive application

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Online TV is not a novelty anymore, as Internet connections evolve and provide the necessary speeds for users to seamlessly play a web audio-video stream.

Internet Radio/TV players have their crowned applications as well as any other software category and Readon TV Movie Radio Player sits at the top of the charts, among applications such as TVUPlayer, SopCast or Online TV Player.

Intuitive, yet not so easy-on-the-eyes interface

Readon TV Movie Radio Player's installation is clean and fast. The interface, however, is not particularly appealing and even displays some commercial banners within its main interface.

Despite all this, the GUI is easily accessible to all types of users, including those with little or no previous experience with computers, and some extensive Help contents make sure of that.

View lists of TV, radio and live sports channels and plugin support

The player starts in TV mode and lists the available TV channels in the right panel. You can easily switch to Radio mode or Live Sports, as well as search for specific channels. In addition, Readon TV Movie Radio Player features quick filter menus for both Country and Genre, making it easier for you to find something you enjoy watching or listen to.

As you browse the TV channels and radio stations, the application may prompt you to install plugins in order to play the selected stream for you. If you choose to do so, the player automatically downloads and installs it and asks for a program restart. This is a great feature, as it does not require users to look for plugins on their own, in case a stream requires them.

Record streams, rip audio CDs and configure a parental control option

Readon TV Movie Radio Player allows you to record audio streams of provided radio stations and external URLs. Moreover, it is possible to only display newly added channels, use a search function, record audio from the PC, extract the contents of an audio CD or set up the computer to shut down at a specified hour.

One more feature worth mentioning is the “Adult content filter” - it can be accessed from the settings panel and, provided a password, it blocks the playback of adult and restricted channels.

Customize columns and use a fullscreen mode

You may also configure the columns order of the TV / Radio list and choose the preset that fits your style. The categories vary from “Country, Genre, Name” for TV/ Radio, “Rating, Genre, Name, Year” for “Movie On Demand,” to “Competition, Match, Time” for the “Live Sports” section.

Last but not least, it is possible to set up the utility to always stay on top of any other opened window, as well as use a fullscreen mode, so that you can enjoy video contents to its fullest.


All in all, the only drawback of Readon TV Movie Radio Player is its GUI, and an improvement there would go long way. It provides an array of TV channels and radio stations from all over the world as well as a set of powerful features, without burdening the computer’s performance and affecting the response time in any way.

Readon TV Movie Radio Player was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on July 14th, 2014
Readon TV Movie Radio Player - This is the main window of the application where you can access the channel you prefer.Readon TV Movie Radio Player - The File menu will allow you to open an URL or to minimize the window to the system tray.Readon TV Movie Radio Player - You can access the View menu when you want to customize the panel or the color scheme.Readon TV Movie Radio Player - screenshot #4Readon TV Movie Radio Player - screenshot #5Readon TV Movie Radio Player - screenshot #6Readon TV Movie Radio Player - screenshot #7Readon TV Movie Radio Player - screenshot #8Readon TV Movie Radio Player - screenshot #9

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