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TapinRadio is a freeware Windows tool that lets you listen to your favorite online radio stations, while also providing advanced recording utilities.

The first thing you shall notice after launching the program for the first time is the large collection of stations. Organized by region, genre and network, the long list of online radio stations can be further enhanced with your very own entries.

While it also supports online updates to get the newest radio stations with a single click, TapinRadio provides an advanced search tool to easily find a desired radio station. What's more, there's a favorite menu too, so you can always save the stations you like the most for later playing.

TapinRadio works with the most popular web-based radio formats, including MP3, WMA, OGG and AAC+, while offering users an advanced recording tool regardless of the station you're listening to.

The program can automatically record the content and split it into songs, but it also comprises dedicated features to record a single song.

A settings screen is also available, so you should have a look in there too if you wish to group search results and favorites, mute volume on tray click, enable single key shortcuts or allow multiple instances.

Another good thing about TapinRadio is that it remains light on hardware resources most of the time, while working flawlessly regardless of the Windows version installed on a specific workstation.

To sum up, TapinRadio is definitely a top product, offering not only one of the largest collection of radio stations out there, but also advanced recording tools and a straightforward interface.
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Last updated on May 19th, 2015
TapinRadio - This is the main window of TapinRadio from where you can listen to your favorite radio stations.TapinRadio - From the Settings menu you can choose the default language.TapinRadio - TapinRadio also allows you to add multiple favorite radio stations.TapinRadioTapinRadioTapinRadioTapinRadioTapinRadio

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Listen to your favorite radio stations.


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