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Unlimited Internet Video on Demand






Zinc program was developed to be a special software application designed to organize and deliver the best of internet video- we call it an Internet Video Browser. It’s easy to use, and offers fast access to prime time TV episodes, movies from streaming services like Netflix, and web-only content.

The best sites, the easiest access
Zinc’s colorful screens were styled for display on a big-screen TV, because more and more that’s where today’s online video is watched. Connect your computer to your HDTV, and unleash the full power of Zinc.

- Top internet video sites are available on a single screen- find something to watch in moments.
- There are tens of thousands of programs and movies, all just a click or two away.
- Specially styled for display on the Big Screen; bring online video to the living room.

Designed with the Big Screen in mind
Most video websites are designed to be viewed on a computer, and controlled with a mouse, but their programs are often perfect for watching on a big screen HDTV. Zinc creates the bridge- connect your computer to your HDTV, and Zinc lets you:

- Navigate using the arrow keys on a keyboard or a Media Center compatible remote control
- Automatically launch videos in full-screen mode
- Bring the world of online video to your living room!

Quickly Find Something to Watch
Zinc organizes and presents program choices in an easy-to-understand way.

- Movies are presented by Genre with the newest first
- TV shows always have the latest episode at the top
- Users can store preferred shows in a Favorites file, for fast access.
- News and Sports stories show the date and time, so you're always current
Last updated on March 29th, 2009

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