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A simple-to-use desktop photobooth that helps you take snapshots and record videos with the aid of your webcam and apply various filters and special effects

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If you have a video camera and want to have some fun you can try installing CrazyCam. The application enables you to add effects to the image captured with the camera and to save the result as still pictures or movies.

Simple looks

The interface is easy to use and you do not have to know anything about video editing.

At startup the application displays the image captured by the camera without any distortion. The user can choose to browse the snapshots that have been taken or start adding some effects. At any time you can save an image with a single click on the central button.

Working with different filters

The Fx button gives you access to over thirty filters that will be applied on the original image. You can also cycle through the effects with the directional keys.

Filters can multiply or change the orientation of the image such as mirror (in, out, up, down), quad, multi or slice. Another category of effects modifies the composition by adding trail marks, transparency or shadows.

You can have the most fun with the effects that distort the image and make the subject's face look longer or bigger. You can add water or fire effects to the image and add a swarm of insects around the subject if it seems too dull.

Exporting and recording options

Image grabbing functionality is also on the list of features, and the app can save the snapshots as JPG files.

The application uses the Mode button to toggle between snapshot mode and video mode. When you are in the video mode you can apply the same effects and start recording the movie by clicking the same central button. CrazyCam saves movies as FLV files without encoding, so they can take quite some disk space.

Bottom line

You should try CrazyCam if you want to have some fun recording family movies while underwater or with snow falling from the ceiling.

CrazyCam was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on August 5th, 2014
CrazyCam - CrazyCam provides users with various webcam effects such as mirror, quad, fire, water, fisheye, bulge or X-rayCrazyCam - Users will be able to view their snapshots and recorded clips within the applicationCrazyCam - The Mirror In effect is one of the many mirror effects and other crazy yet nice looking onesCrazyCam - screenshot #4CrazyCam - screenshot #5CrazyCam - screenshot #6CrazyCam - screenshot #7

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