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A handy and reliable application that allows you to read news and articles from certain websites, without having to create accounts

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In order to read the latest articles, most people access a newsgroup, which usually requires you to create an user account.

MJ News Reader is a robust program that can help you read the latest articles and stories posted on a newsgroup, while saving you from the hassle of going through registration forms in order to create user accounts.

Lightweight, yet handy article reading tool with comprehensive and minimalist interface

The application gives you the possibility to browse various threads of a specific newsgroup, in order to red any article that you found informative, useful or fun.

Furthermore, you can search for relevant articles only, by sorting them using keywords. By doing so, you can set the program to display only the news that you need, without having to manually browse and find them.

Dependable news reader that allows you to post articles

MJ News Reader can help you browse a certain newsgroup and find articles or stories that you are interested into. If you want to see more information about an article you can use the application to view the header and footer of each news post.

Additionally, you can write and post your own articles on a newsgroup, with the help of the program. Using your email address, you can post new threads or reply to any existing ones. Aside from this useful feature, you can add attachments to each post that you make, so that anyone reading it will be able to download the files you attached.

A helpful and easy to use newsgroup article reading tool

To draw a conclusion, MJ News Reader can help you easily read articles and stories from various newsgroups, without having to create user accounts in order to access them. You can also post articles and new threads, so that others will be able to read your information.

MJ News Reader was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on June 6th, 2014
MJ News Reader - MJ News Reader allows you to connect to newsgroups and read the latest stories and reports.MJ News Reader - In the Article List Summary tab, you can view all the articles contained by a newsgroup or search a story by a specific keyword.MJ News Reader - While in the Reading Articles tab, you can view the details of certain articles or check if there are any attachments to them.MJ News Reader - screenshot #4MJ News Reader - screenshot #5

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