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Import NZB files and download articles from Usenet

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NZB is a format that stores information regarding a Usenet newsgroup and NZB files can be downloaded by those who want to get details such as the poster name, the posting groups or the available file segments. In order to grab NZB files, one needs to find a dedicated application such as NZB Leecher.

The utility comes with an intuitive interface and users simply need to enter their newsgroup keyword and select the Usenet indexing site they prefer to search. Each user can create a list of the sites they like to use on a regular basis, so they are not forced to search exclusively on certain sites.

By creating this list, one can restrict the total number of results and it gets easier for them to process all the files. In addition, numerous files lead to numerous headers for a single newsgroup, which in turn leads to increased RAM usage and decreased computer performance, so the solution is to limit the number of results by specifying criteria such as file size or age.

Once the NZB files corresponding to the specified rules are displayed, users can choose the ones they want to download - if there is no program associated with this file extension, one needs to manually load the files within a compatible application to access their contents.

Furthermore, NZB Leecher also features the possibility to easily delete all the downloaded NZB files without accessing any additional windows or programs; in addition, it is also possible to remove the created temporary files so as to save space on one’s computer.

All in all, NZB Leecher can meet the needs of those who are looking for a user-friendly newsgroup downloader that would allow them to select the source Usenet indexing sites.

NZB leecher was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on May 2nd, 2013
NZB leecher - Then main window of NZB Leecher allows you to quickly perform the searches you need.NZB leecher - You can use the Edit List menu to easily refresh all the lists and edit the keywords.

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