Morse Code Tools (formerly RSS to Morse)

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A lightweight package containing a tool you can use to send messages using the Morse Code while another provides latest news feeds this way

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Many forms of communication have developed throughout the years, either for better understanding or to secure messages. Amongst the most renown is the Morse Code, which sends a series of dots and dashes, each group representing a specific character. What Morse Code Tools does is provide you with a set of tools to broadcast and receive messages through this particular method.

Send messages using the Morse Code

There is no main window to unite or provide a link between the two components, each one coming with its own window and set of tools. One of them is Morse Keyer, which is used for sending messages. The idea is neat, but implementation leaves a little something to be desired, because you cannot set up a direct connection with another interlocutor, but only used locally via audio platforms.

Customize tone style and behavior

In other words, the application only gives you the possibility to input messages by using your mouse, the keyboard playing no role whatsoever. Several configuration options let you set the mode, which can be a straight signal for keeping the mouse button pressed, a semi-auto tone, as well as iambic paddles.

Speed, frequency, as well as type can be configured, with the possibility to also select output device, which can be virtually any device or driver that can process sound. In addition, the application also lets you broadcast via any available port on your computer.

Receive custom news feeds

On the other hand, there is a tool for receiving messages encrypted this way. The catch is that you are only able to receive news feeds, hence the name Morse News. A small list of RSS feed links is available by default, which keeps you up to date with the latest entries in science, business, tech and more that Yahoo! Provides.

The list can be customized by easily enlisting your preferred links in a TXT document, found by hitting the “Get Feed List” button. Similarly to the other component, you can carefully adjust the way you receive a message. They are of more help here, since you can set speed at a level you consider proper to understand. The message you receive is displayed in a small bar, character by character in case you don't quite master the Morse Code.

A few last words

On an ending note, Morse Code Tools don't necessarily have a high level of practicability, with a multitude of methods of better securing communication, but for enthusiasts it's a little gem. What's more, used in combination with an instant messaging application with a buddy that knows the code, lets you chat this way.

Morse Code Tools (formerly RSS to Morse) was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on October 15th, 2014
Morse Code Tools (formerly RSS to Morse) - The feed URL you want to use can be selected from the Morse News window.Morse Code Tools (formerly RSS to Morse) - Select the Keyer Mode and Sound Output mode from the Morse Keyer application.

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