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The application downloads all the pictures from one HTML site instantly!

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Mihov Picture Downloader is a freeware Windows tool designed to automatically download all the pictures from a user-defined websites based on preconfigured parameters.

The program uses a clean and well-organized look with tabs, which means it's easy to pick the feature you want and configure it on the go.

The so-called “Download Zone” is the screen that lets you configure the page to scan for images, with dedicated options to choose the file formats to look for. You can choose between GIF, JPG and PNG, but also for various other formats, such as MP3, AVI, SWF or MP4, so yes, the program can also download other files beside photos.

The “List Download” on the other hand is the batch processing tool that enables users to download files from multiple pages at the same time, again with a separate field to pick the file formats to get.

If you wish to configure the output folder, you have no other option that to click on the “Settings” tab which also sports parameters concerning proxy servers, timeout, start delay and filters.

On the good side, Mihov Picture Downloader not only that is easy to use, but it also provides a great amount of features. It can download photos from multiple pages at the same time, save a list of configured sites, rename download images if files already exist and even preview a downloaded image thanks to a built-in photo viewer.

Overall, Mihov Picture Downloader is clearly a handy product, although we all agree that a more eye-candy and appealing interface would attract many more users. Other than that, it does its job regardless of the Windows version running on your system.

Mihov Picture Downloader was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on April 9th, 2012
Mihov Picture Downloader - This is the main window of the application and allows you to enter a hyperlink that will be scanned for images to download.Mihov Picture Downloader - The application can also check multiple pages that you have loaded from a text file.Mihov Picture Downloader - The Settings window enables you to change the language or the output folder but also to configure a proxy server connection.

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