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A simple and easy to use application whose main function is to help you create extensive email lists to use in your marketing campaigns

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FX Mail Crawler is a user-friendly and efficient piece of software which was developed to offer you an easier means of creating an emailing database in order to promote your products or services to numerous people at the same time.

The program is sufficiently simple to understand and work with, but it does require HtmlAgility Pack, functioning only after you have placed the contents of the Net40 folder in the same directory as FX Mail Crawler. It will then install and launch as normal, but you will need an Internet connection to be able to receive any results.

To start retrieving addresses, first you will need to input the 'Search String', namely the keyword you want to base the entire operation on, which could help you collect a larger number of useful emails. You can also choose the 'Domain' , for instance '.com', '.org', '.net' or any country that you want. You can then press on the 'Search' button and the application will soon begin listing the corresponding websites.

Moreover, FX Mail Crawler allows you to add various domains to the 'Exclusion Domain Rule', either manually or by importing them from a TXT document, so as not to retrieve results from websites that have nothing to do with the scope of your business or from the competition. Similarly, you can set up 'Exclusion Mail Rules'.

Next, you can 'Exclude Research In External URL', set the level of 'Depth Links', the 'Interval Download' in milliseconds and the number of 'Max Link For Domain'. Finally, you can click on the 'Start Spider' button and all you have to do is wait for the operation to complete, enabling you to export the found email addresses to a CSV document.

To summarize, FX Mail Crawler is a useful utility that helps you comprise a database of email addresses, so you can market your company to multiple potential clients with a minimum amount of effort.

FX Mail Crawler was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on January 15th, 2014
FX Mail Crawler - FX Mail Crawler is a simple tool that enables you to collect email addresses from the web using a keyword

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