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Automatically post images and textual messages on Facebook groups or on your wall with the help of this lightweight and efficient application

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Facebook Automation is an interesting and easy to use piece of software developed in order to help you schedule and post various types of messages on your Facebook wall or on that of your friends, as well as in groups you are a member of.

Initial configuration steps

First off, you need to have at least one Facebook account, as you will need to login, in order for the application to be able to function properly. As such, you can input your credentials and offer it the necessary confirmations to get started.

For each added account, Facebook Automation will provide you with an ID number which will let you post messages on one or all of your profiles.

Create and schedule message postings on Facebook

The context menu options from the main window allow you to create various messages (‘Message Text’, ‘Photo Post’, ‘Private Message’ or ‘Bump / Comment / Plain Text’), which you can then save to your computer, to FMSG format, and work with, whenever you need.

For each ID you add, the program allows you to send a message, while the 'Schedules Manager' enables you to configure the posting task to occur at regular intervals, by specifying the action you wish to perform, either 'Schedule to Post a Message', ‘Schedule to Bump Posts from Group IDs’, ‘Schedule to Bump Posts from Post IDs’ or 'Schedule to Join Groups’, then entering the time along with the FMSG file containing your text.

Facebook Automation lets you 'Fetch Your List of' friends, groups, your pages or liked pages. Moreover, this application enables you to search groups based on a keyword and join the ones that correspond to your website's interests for instance, or you can also search for pages, events and people on Facebook, sending them friend requests.

A useful Facebook post scheduling instrument

To conclude, Facebook Automation is a highly efficient utility that is meant to work as an advertising tool, which can draw more visitors on your website without having you go through too much trouble to get them there, by automatically posting messages in numerous groups, on your own profile or that of friends and increase your overall visibility.

Facebook Automation (formerly Facebook Poster & Scheduler) was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on March 31st, 2015
Facebook Automation (formerly Facebook Poster & Scheduler) - Facebook Automation is a handy tool that enables you to schedule posts on your Facebook profileFacebook Automation (formerly Facebook Poster & Scheduler) - The contents of each message you wish to post can be edited and you can select the friends' IDs to tag themFacebook Automation (formerly Facebook Poster & Scheduler) - The Scheduler Manager enables you to organize, create and edit messages to be posted at regular intervalsFacebook Automation (formerly Facebook Poster & Scheduler) - screenshot #4Facebook Automation (formerly Facebook Poster & Scheduler) - screenshot #5

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