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A very easy to use piece of software that allows you to effortlessly translate between a large number of languages in a few steps

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Since its release, Google Translate has been invaluable all over the world thanks to its ease of use and instant result delivery.

Fenix Translator borrows and implements Google Translate functions into a lightweight desktop application which you can use to convert text between a large number of languages.

User-friendly interface

Fenix Translator displays a simple and practical GUI which you can use just like the webpage. It’s comprised of a simple, small window that is separated into two sections. One is for the source or input text, while the other is used to deliver the result.

Similar to Google Translate, you get to choose the source language and the one you want to translate to by selecting them from two, easy to navigate, drop-down lists.

Inaccurate, just like Google Translate

You’ve used Google Translate and you know that for each text you insert you get a rough and grammar-absent translation of all the words, put into an order that you can almost barely make out. The same applies when you use Fenix Translator, after all, it does use Google’s page so it’s not really its fault things come out messed up.

A thing that is somewhat unexpected is the fact that Fenix Translator seems to have a bit of a problem with punctuation marks. Say you enter a portion of text with more than one sentence, and of course, you have the ‘ . ‘(period) mark. What comes after the first ‘ . ‘ seems to be completely ignored and is not translated.

Moreover, the application doesn't cover Unicode support so if you want to translate something from english to chinese, you won’t get those beautiful characters and this applies to all other languages that use special symbols.

A decent desktop alternative to Google Translate

All-in-all, Fenix Translator isn’t necessarily a bad app but does need a few tweaks here and there but on the flip-side, at least it will load faster than your browser with the Google Translate page.

Fenix Translator was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on March 28th, 2014
Fenix Translator - Fenix Translator enables you to translate text from one language to anotehr using the Google Translate engine.

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