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A fast video streaming accelerator for mobile handsets, tablets, Smart TV and STB that helps you to perform faster and smoother streaming from any Internet content destination

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Giraffic Video Accelerator is a reliable and useful streaming accelerator designed for tablets, handsets, Smart TVs and Set Top Boxes in order to eliminate re-buffering pauses and enhance video experience.

With the help of Giraffic Video Accelerator you are able to quickly watch HD videos from any Internet video streaming website such as YouTube, MySpace and Vimeo, to name a few.

Streaming videos on a mobile phone can become an annoying job especially when you get re-buffering events. There might be videos that come with advanced visual presentations and here is where Giraffic Video Accelerator comes in handy.

Although it does not completely eliminate the re-buffering events, it is still able to reduce them impressively and decrease the average time to playback within seconds.

Still, the biggest difference consists in the wait time. It reduces the time required to load and to re-buffer the video by almost a minute, which is quite a good time.

Using mobile phones on a daily basis you might wait a little more when you want to watch large-sized videos or use apps with advanced graphics technology, but with the help of Giraffic Video Accelerator you can remove such problems.

What’s more, the application can be used on laptops as well. It enables video entertainment sites, TV broadcaster and social networks to deliver media assets on demand, in HD.

All-in-all, Giraffic Video Accelerator eliminates re-buffering and boosts video streaming within seconds getting all these benefits without upgrading your network connection. Since it is supported on any device, you can use it on PCs, STB and media streamers, as well as on mobile handsets and tablets.

Giraffic Video Accelerator was reviewed by Cristina Jitaru
Last updated on December 16th, 2013

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