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A software solution that you ca use to view when exactly where the sun rises in your area, as well as how daylight appears across the world

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GeoClock is a lightweight piece of software that allows you to see where on Earth it’s night and where it’s day, in accordance to your current time and location.

A retro looking interface

In terms of design, GeoClock seems a bit overdue for a GUI update. The maps it uses to display the light distribution are of poor quality but if you’re looking to see a general representation, then this aspect shouldn’t bother you.

You are able to switch between multiple types of maps just by clicking on the screen.The main window of the application also offers you quick access to features that allow you to customize the map you are looking at, set time, resolution and even measure the distance between two points.

Accurate sunlight information

GeoClock is able to display the global regions where sunlight is present as well as those which are in twilight. The information is made available on screen and you can view the sunrise and sunset times, latitude and longitude and all of it is updated every couple of seconds.

In order to be able to benefit from correct data, the application must be configured to match your particular location. For this, you need to insert information such as town name, latitude and longitude coordinates and home time zone. If you don’t have that information GeoClock offers you a very large list that contains most of the large cities from all around the world.

Use the application as a screensaver

GeoClock offers you a very nice feature which makes it possible to use it as a screensaver for your computer screen. You can chose to display a single map that you like, or have it randomly switch between them at regular intervals.

A bit rough around the edges but it works

GeoClock isn’t the most appealing application out there and has its hiccups here and there but despite that, if you have a little patience with it, you’ll see that it works exactly as it should.

GeoClock was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on February 21st, 2014
GeoClock - When GeoClock fist starts up, it gives you the ability to input your geographical coordinates.GeoClock - With GeoClock you can view a world map and along with the sunrise and sunset time in your location.GeoClock - Also, with GeoClock you can easily change the perspective from where you view the word map.GeoClock - screenshot #4GeoClock - screenshot #5GeoClock - screenshot #6GeoClock - screenshot #7GeoClock - screenshot #8GeoClock - screenshot #9

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