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A useful software solution that was especially designed in order to serve as a simple means of logging contests for radio amateurs

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The need for communication is a very basic and old necessity that prompted a variety of modalities in which people could get in touch. One of those methods, called amateur radio and also known as ham radio has become a hobby spread worldwide.

Using a wide variety of dedicated equipment, radio enthusiasts send and receive messages that can propagate through radio waves at huge distances. In order to log the regular transmissions activity and especially when taking part in ham radio contest a software solution like N1MM Logger could be quite handy.

The application comes with a nice and simple interface, not too fancy looking, but definitely practical as it has all the necessary command and functions neatly organized in their corresponding menus. For most of the editing actions you can use shortcut keys, but the majority of the other features will have to be selected and activated using the mouse.

There are some management options insofar as the log databases are concerned, so you will be able to copy and compact them, even repair or transfer the current contest data into another database. To access the max rates, off times, suspect calls or zones, as well as for reviewing notes, statistics and a lot more you can rely on the 'View' menu of N1MM Logger.

There are many tools to use and a lot of configurations that you can make, including those for ports, mode control, station data, band plan, rescoring the current contest or a specific number of the last hours. The number of separate windows that you can open to monitor various parameters or get some needed information is quite impressive and you will need at least 2 monitors to accommodate them.

All things considered, N1MM Logger is definitely packing a lot of goodies and will certainly serve well the ham radio operators.

N1MM Logger was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on February 15th, 2014
N1MM Logger - In the main window of N1MM Logger users can access various contest logging functionsN1MM Logger - The File menu allows users to open databases, as well as to export the call history or blacklisted callsN1MM Logger - The Tools menu provides you with the possibility of rescoring current contests, as well as of updating the call logN1MM Logger - screenshot #4N1MM Logger - screenshot #5N1MM Logger - screenshot #6N1MM Logger - screenshot #7N1MM Logger - screenshot #8

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