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Block pop-ups when browsing the web with Internet Explorer, disable sounds, blinking texts or backgrounds on the websites you visit, as well as clear your history and delete temporary files

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Staying on the safe side while browsing on the Internet can still be a challenge, even if there are some security solutions installed on your system. For those who feel they need even more, using a dedicated tool to protect the Internet browsing activities is a logical path to follow.

Among the plethora of ad-blockers, connection optimizers and other such utilities, Naviscope brings several functions under the same umbrella, as it aims to safeguard computers connected to the Internet and even optimize the performance to obtain a more stable connection and greater speeds.

Surf with Internet Explorer using a cleaner web environment

The application can easily block pop-ups when browsing the web with Internet Explorer, but it is also capable to disable sounds, blinking texts or backgrounds on the websites you visit.

Clear your history and delete temporary files

On top of that, Navigscope can be used for cleaning the history and the downloaded temporary Internet files, which means the browser remains lighter and this can have as an immediate result higher browsing speeds.

Internet traffic statistics and other handy tools

In addition, the program has some Internet traffic statistics and an integrated search engine, so you can easily find anything you need. Besides, the latter function includes the ability to use an online dictionary or a thesaurus, as well as perform simple ping and traceroute operations or view the website information.

Performance and conclusion

We managed to test Naviscope on Internet Explorer 9 and most features worked as advertised and it successfully blocked ads, cookies, JavaScript and sounds.

Despite the fact that it may seem a bit outdated, the app can still put up a good performance even on modern computers. Naviscope's main purpose is to provide an extra layer of security and increase the safety when you're online, a job it can carry out decently.

Naviscope was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on July 30th, 2014
Naviscope - The application will display the main interface directly on the desktop on top of the other windows.Naviscope - Naviscope includes a powerful site mapper that will display the links discovered in the accessed webpages.Naviscope - You can create new profiles for the Block & Filter tool to specify the elements that will be blocked when accessing a certain page.Naviscope - screenshot #4Naviscope - screenshot #5Naviscope - screenshot #6Naviscope - screenshot #7Naviscope - screenshot #8Naviscope - screenshot #9

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