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You can use this simple and easy to understand application to gain access to a variety of whole movies, that you can stream on your PC

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P2P Movie Player is a user-friendly software solution which is meant to provide you with easy access to an extensive database of films stored on private networks. You can search for your favorite movies and watch them from your computer with the utmost ease.

It often happens that you want to watch a film, but you seem unable to find it or you have to go through lengthy and cumbersome procedures in order to get access to it. Having to go through that much trouble just to see a movie can sometimes put you off, so even if you do manage to find it, you are no longer in the mood to watch it.

P2P Movie Player is quite simple and easy to work with, requiring only that you input the keyword of your movie, then click on the 'Search' button. The application will then look through its records and display the matching results in the main window, enabling you to pick the item that corresponds to your request and click on it to watch it.

After a slight period of buffering, which also depends on your Internet connection, you will be able to see the film on your PC, in full screen ('Normal Mode' or 'Cinema Mode') or windowed, however you prefer, through the built-in video player.

You can adjust the volume or 'Mute' it, play it in 'Stereo', 'Left Channel', 'Right Channel', 'Mix Channel' or '5.1 Surround Sound'. Similarly, you can pause or stop the film, take screenshots or use the 'Picture Quality Enhancement' tool to adjust the movie colors. Additionally, it allows for '3D View Mode'.

To summarize, P2P Movie Player is a useful and efficient program that enables you to find and watch your favorite films by streaming them from the Internet, without having to download them to your PC.

P2P Movie Player was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on January 20th, 2014
P2P Movie Player - The main window of P2P Movie Player allows you to search for the movie you want to watchP2P Movie Player - After clicking on the preferred movie, you can simply watch it in the built-in media player

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