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Synchronize your Amazon S3 account and manage all the files stored in the cloud repository using this handy and intuitive application

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In order to manage your Amazon S3 repository, you need to pay attention when syncing files, because you might end up accidentally deleting important files and overwriting them with others that have different content. This can easily be avoided using Cloud Explorer.

The application provides you with several functions, such as object search, media player, text editor and image viewer, along with the possibility to sync your files to and from your remote Amazon S3 storage. It requires Java installed on your computer in order to properly function, along with an Amazon S3 storage account.

Dependable cloud service manager

The program can help you manage the files stored on your Amazon S3 online repository, so that you have the opportunity to revise every file contained by it. Furthermore, you can see the contents of certain files, depending on their format.

For instance, you can edit text files and play audio ones, or view images. This is a handy feature, because it allows you to see what you are about to share with others or synchronize on your computer.

Intuitive file synchronizer

Cloud Explorer provides you with a convenient way of organizing the files from your Amazon S3 online storage. In addition, it helps you synchronize each file with those from your local computer, or the other way around, meaning that you can sync local files with those present on your online repository.

With the help of the application, you will have no problems managing files from multiple accounts, as you can sync files from one account with your computer, then synchronize data from your computer with another Amazon S3 repository.

Reliable and powerful Amazon S3 repository synchronizer

To conclude, Cloud Explorer allows you to easily maintain the health and consistency of your files located on your Amazon S3 cloud repository.

Cloud Explorer was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on August 6th, 2015
Cloud Explorer - From the main window of Cloud Explorer you can easily enter the host URL and the port number you want to use.Cloud Explorer - All the available buckets are displayed in an organized manner and the ones with versioning enabled are colored in green.Cloud Explorer - Cloud Explorer enables you to explore local folders and upload any file to the cloud.Cloud Explorer - screenshot #4Cloud Explorer - screenshot #5Cloud Explorer - screenshot #6Cloud Explorer - screenshot #7Cloud Explorer - screenshot #8Cloud Explorer - screenshot #9Cloud Explorer - screenshot #10Cloud Explorer - screenshot #11Cloud Explorer - screenshot #12

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