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This simple and efficient piece of software aims to assist you in copying the text from various web pages, saving it to TXT files

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Scrape Text From Browser Software is a handy and easy to use application designed to automatically grab all the written contents from a web page you are visiting in your browser, allowing you to save it to a TXT file on your computer.

Basic yet functional user interface

The main window of the program lets you choose the browser you are working with, the available options being Firefox, Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

The ‘Text Box’ panel enables you to preview the items copied from a web page, even letting you add or remove certain fragments.

Quickly copy the text you need from a webpage and export it to a file

Scrape Text From Browser Software allows you to select which browser you want to use (meaning the one you are running), as it will target the web page you are currently browsing through. You can then click on ‘Copy Browser Text and Append To Text Box’, which will cause the application to grab the written contents of the page, letting you to preview it.

Next, you can choose an export location, in the form of any folder on your PC, saving the copied items to a TXT file, by pressing on the Copy Browser Text and Append to Text File’ button. At the same time, you can copy the text to clipboard and paste it in another window or file.

Basic text extraction tool for web pages

While Scrape Text From Browser Software proves fairly efficient in extracting the written words out of a web page, the process it not sufficiently automated as to reduce your intervention to a minimum, nor does it keep any of the formatting of the source text, so one might arguably wonder why this operation could not be performed by means of a few keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+A in the targeted webpage, followed by Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V) just as well.

Scrape Text From Browser Software was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on April 28th, 2014
Scrape Text From Browser Software - Scrape Text From Browser Software is a simple tool that lets you copy all the text from a web page

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