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SweetIM for Facebook is a browser add-on that enhances the functionality of the Facebook website. The extension intends to make the chat experience more colorful by adding emoticon support and other features.

The program completely integrates in the Facebook interface and provides access to emoticons and animations by using the new buttons from the chat and the comments field. The chat window implementation provides access to a few of the hidden emoticons and allows you to Nudge the chat window in order to get your friend’s attention.

Another chat enhancement is the ability to insert symbols such as check marks, arrows or hearts. It can help you express opinions and emotions by enriching the content that can be sent through the Facebook chat messages.

The comment area provides you with a few extra options when you post messages on your friend’s photos or on news articles. Thus, you can add animations and sound effects to all the messages posted for a certain item.

Some webpages prevent you from using the animations and the sound effects but we had no problem in adding emoticons or symbols in comment boxes. Unfortunately, the extension does not support the link sharing boxes that only allow you to send plain text to your Facebook profile.

Overall, the SweetIM for Facebook extension enables you to enrich the content that you send to your friends over chat messages or comments. It is a useful tool for all the users that frequently use the Facebook social network.

SweetIM for Facebook was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on September 14th, 2012
SweetIM for Facebook - With SweetIM for Facebook you can easily personalize your messages.SweetIM for Facebook - Use from a wide variety of emoticons to express your feelings.SweetIM for Facebook - screenshot #3

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