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Extractor of SHA-1 hashes from torrents.

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As its name suggests, Torrent Hash Extractor is designed to help you calculate the SHA-1 hash code for TORRENT files.

Installation is not required: just open the archive and run the executable file, without worrying that your registry might be affected in any way. The application is designed with simplicity in mind and the interface makes no difference. It only comprises a few buttons and a pane where you can view the files and their hash codes.

You can add the TORRENT files that you want to process, but the application can also open a whole directory and automatically identify the torrents, so you don't have to search for them manually. Once the desired files are in the list, just press the 'Start' button and let the program do the rest.

The generated code can be easily copied to your clipboard or saved to a text file in your computer, for later reference. Only the TORRENT file format is supported, so any other file type that you add to the list is not processed and the program displays the 'Not a TORRENT file' message. You can delete the file list and start over using the 'Clear' button.

That's about all that this application does. It's only function is to determine the hash code of TORRENT files, thus helping you determine their integrity and identify if the file content is changed. It only comes with support for this type of file and can only calculate the SHA-1 hash.

Torrent Hash Extractor is very easy to use, but the program could benefit from some additional features that other similar applications include, such as support for more algorithm types and file formats.

Torrent Hash Extractor was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on December 28th, 2012
Torrent Hash Extractor - The main window of Torrent Hash Extractor allows users to easily add a certain directory from their local computer and then start the extraction process

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