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A software utility that enables you to create online meetings and take advantage of various remote technologies, including file sharing, remote printing and VoIP

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In the case of larger companies with members all over the world, it is rather difficult to set up face-to-face meetings. Hence, it can be much more convenient to host the conference online, especially since today's Internet bandwidth can handle full-HD video resolutions and crystal-clear voice transmission.

Host interactive online conferences

TurboMeeting is a software utility that enables you to host and join online conferences, together with other people from around the world. In addition, it also provides you with interactivity and the ability to perform remote support operations, as well as high-quality video and audio streams that are protected during the entire duration of the conference.

To join a meeting, all you have to do is to enter the server address, as well as its ID and password. Moreover, to differentiate yourself from the other attendees, you can also choose a unique username. Once all the data is into place, the connection is made and you can start communicating and interacting with the other people that are part of the conference.

Transfer files and offer remote support

The interactive component comes into play through the file transfer abilities of the utility, which enable you to share documents and files among the participants. Additionally, you can also record the entire meeting and take part in online training seminars, as well as access your personal devices from within the application.

Another useful feature built into TurboMeeting is the fact that it allows you to conduct remote support operations, due to the fact that you can gain control over the computers that are part of the conference, with their approval. Thus, the utility can also function as a collaborative tech support platform, which can be useful in the case of large-scale computer problems.

A fully-featured conference tool

Although the application requires specialized hardware in order to be used effectively, it does offer a wide variety of features and functions. Furthermore, it remains simple and intuitive enough for anyone to make basic use of its abilities, although it does provide more power to experienced users and technicians.

TurboMeeting was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on August 30th, 2014
TurboMeeting - You can enter the connection details for the meeting into the main window of the application.TurboMeeting - The Tools menu allows you to change annotation pen size, as well as stop new attendees from joining.TurboMeeting - The Options window enables you o integrate the utility with Outlook and allow remote printing.

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