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An intuitive and user-friendly application that delivers privacy protection while browsing the web by making your connections anonymous

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Wi-Free is built around a network of VPN servers that work together in order to provide users with online anonymity and protection from tracking attempts.

Aside from achieving an increased level of privacy, the program also promises to accelerate your Internet speed relying on a complex data compression algorithm that boosts transfer rates.

The traffic is routed to a sophisticated network that encrypts the connections, thus shielding users from identity theft, hijacking and tracking. The VPN topology allows you to easily bypass strict firewalls, which will result in the removal of several limitations imposed by sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Pandora and so on.

Following the trend of many VPN managers, Wi-Free uses subscription plans and requires an account to properly function. In the free version, users are introduced as guests to the network and have access only to the developer’s website.

The interface of Wi-Free is classy and intuitive, providing access to essential information regarding your current connection, including protocol (UDP, TCP, ICMP), network, remote IP and encryption, all of which can be customized.

The whole application is directed by a single menu that offers access to a quick speed test for the VPN servers – to assess which one will provide the best speed, as well as to the Preferences section where you can configure parameters related to proxy servers, ports and startup configurations.

Due to the fact that we used the free plan during our tests, we weren’t able to conclude if Wi-Free works as expected. It does seem to have a slightly different approach than most VPN programs, but the lack of a more flexible tryout prevents us from making any assumptions.

Wi-Free was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on January 8th, 2014
Wi-Free - The main window of Wi-Free allows users to view basic details on the VPN connection.Wi-Free - Wi-Free features a menu that provides access to a speed tester.Wi-Free - Wi-Free allows users to test the speed of the VPN servers in order to choose the best one.Wi-Free - screenshot #4Wi-Free - screenshot #5Wi-Free - screenshot #6

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