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A simple and effective tool that was made to provide a simple means of keeping a log with certain visited websites for accountability purposes

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Many times software solutions are sought after when trying to overcome an issue that may not be necessarily related to the virtual environment or strictly to computer problems. Nonetheless, when the matter in question has its roots in one's online browsing habits, for example, a dedicated utility may be precisely the thing to use.

A specialized tool that will help anyone become more responsible and cease visiting webpages with inappropriate content is X3 Watch. This program has a clear target, namely helping users get over an addiction to adult material.

The software is not a cure in the sense that once it is installed, those habits will stop miraculously. Instead, it aids users to become more aware of their issue and make the necessary steps in acknowledging it so that it can be left aside permanently.

As soon as it is installed onto the target system, X3 Watch will filter the content on every visited website and report those with unfitting material. This works in a manner that is first of all friendly to the users in question since they are the focus.

In order to be able to use this tool properly, it is mandatory to create an online account and configure a few settings. Among them, the most important part is choosing a trustworthy person to which the report containing the sites with dubious material will be sent on a regular basis.

The user has the opportunity to pick the weekday in which the written document is sent, as well as add more than one partner that will get the reports containing the Internet activity logs. To conclude, X3 Watch proves to be a quite easy to use solution that could actually work well for those who are trying to get rid of a personal issue for good.

X3 Watch (formerly X3watch) was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on January 22nd, 2014
X3 Watch (formerly X3watch) - X3 Watch comes with a simple GUI you can use to access all the features of the service from your desktop.

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