YCC Yahoo! Bot Maker (formerly YCC Bot Maker)2.4.1

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A small and intuitive software utility that can help users create multiple Yahoo! accounts, thus saving them valuable time and effort

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Signing up for an account on a portal like Yahoo! in order to get access to email, messenger and other services provided by the Sunnyvale corporation should be quite easy to do using the online forms, but there are alternatives even to that.

An application like YCC Yahoo! Bot Maker will enable you to create several accounts in minutes from a user-friendly interface. The software utility includes the necessary fields that have to be filled in with specific user data.

Fill in several fields for creating new Yahoo! accounts

Starting from the name and ending with the desired server, the whole process should take no more than a minute or two. Able to insert random user data and generate aleatory passwords automatically, YCC Yahoo! Bot Maker will further speed up the operation.

Set up several parameters related to account names

There are several options you can pick when it comes to the name that will be assigned to a certain account. Thus, you can set the minimum and maximum length of the names, have them created in sequential order or use a dictionary.


YCC Yahoo! Bot Maker displays the real-time progress of the process and you will be able to see how many successful, failed, canceled and removed attempts have been made. Because of the automated character of the whole job and the security features of the target system, it is most likely that most attempts will end up in failure.

Bottom line

Overall, the whole idea may be good and it surely was productive in its beginnings, but at this time, the likelihood of obtaining accounts this way is much diminished and the waiting time makes it not worth while, so a better idea would be to try the online forms because they will surely work.

YCC Yahoo! Bot Maker (formerly YCC Bot Maker) was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on July 30th, 2014
YCC Yahoo! Bot Maker (formerly YCC Bot Maker) - In the main window of YCC Yahoo! Bot Maker, users can add the information they want to use and press 'Process'

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