Adblock Plus for IE (formerly Simple Adblock)

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Block ads from any website you visit with Internet Explorer with the help of predefined blacklist for various languages and a customizable white list

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Adblock Plus for IE is a simple yet powerful Internet Explorer plugin especially developed to automatically block advertisements displayed on the websites you visit.

Surprise-free installation and easy-to-use environment

This browser add-on is incredibly easy to use because it needs absolutely no configuration. This means it is enough to go through the seamless installation process, enable it in Microsoft Internet Explorer and restart the web browser.

With a simple icon placed in the status bar, this software utility enhances the browsing experience by blocking annoying advertisements that show up every time you load a webpage. The interface is obviously simple to handle, to both power and novice users.

Some configurations available

A fact that is worth mentioning is that while Adblock Plus for IE can work without any kind of problems with the standard settings, it is also possible to access an online configuration screen. This lets you choose your language from a drop-down menu, so that it can get rid of all the ads on the web pages you visit, with a strong geographical protection feature.

In addition to that, it is possible to disable ad blocking for particular sites, by simply adding their URL to a list. In case you change your mind at some point, this list is subject to change at any point, with just a click of the button.

Performance and conclusion

All in all, Adblock Plus for IE is definitely a must have and with a few improvements in some key areas could very well become a top product. It is effective in blocking most ads, yet the fact that it does not let you block specific items is a setback.

It does not affect in any way the manner in which Internet Explorer or your computer runs, as the amount of resources required is insignificant.

Adblock Plus for IE (formerly Simple Adblock) was reviewed by Madalina Boboc
Last updated on February 26th, 2015
Adblock Plus for IE (formerly Simple Adblock) - Adblock Plus for IE will help you quickly and easily block ads from any website you visit with Internet ExplorerAdblock Plus for IE (formerly Simple Adblock) - The Options tab of the application will provide users with blacklist selection as well as a configurable whitelistAdblock Plus for IE (formerly Simple Adblock) - Users will be able to choose from the many options regarding predefined blacklists for various languages