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Dual Monitor Tools

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Dual Monitor Tools is a set of easy to use tools for designed to help you with dual or multiple monitor setups.

The offered tools include:

Swap Screen that offers hotkeys for performing common operations on the windows on your monitors. This includes operations like moving the active application window to the next monitor, minimising all windows on a single monitor only and rotating the contents of all monitors.

Dual Wallpaper designed to simplify the process of using existing images as wallpaper on your monitors. You can either specify a different image on each monitor, or spread an image across two or more monitors or if you have enough monitors, a combination of these.

DisMon that will disable any secondary monitors while another application is run, and will re-enable those monitors when the application has finished. This can be quite handy when running certain games which don't scroll correctly if you have more than 1 monitor enabled.

Dual Snap enables you to capture the current image on the primary monitor and display it on your secondary monitor.
Last updated on February 16th, 2015
Dual Monitor Tools - The Dual Snap component will open in your system tray enabling you to access all of the application's options.Dual Monitor Tools - You can easily customize the application's with the help of the Options window.Dual Monitor ToolsDual Monitor ToolsDual Monitor ToolsDual Monitor Tools

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Control dual monitors with this tool.


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