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Connects your iPhone or Android device to the computer and turns a devices into a remote that can control GOM Player, GOM Audio and PowerPoint

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GOM Tray can transform your iPhone or Android device into a remote control for GOM Player, GOM Audio and PowerPoint, which can help you during presentations or in situations when you want to jump to the next song or stop the playback without walking to the computer.

The application is easy to configure, so setting up a connection with the handset should not be difficult at all, provided you follow the on-screen instructions. As it usually happens with this kind of applications, the mobile client app (GOM Remote for Android or GOM Remote for iPhone) must be installed on the handheld device and both the PC and the handset must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

The connection is established by entering the pairing key of the server side or the IP address of the computer in the GOM Remote app. Once you do so, a PIN number appears on the PC screen, which you must input on your phone before the time runs out in order to complete pairing.

Using GOM Tray, you can launch and shut down GOM Player or GOM Audio, open a locally stored multimedia file, adjust the volume or browse the playlist. During video playback, the smartphone app allows you to modify the aspect ratio, activate or disable subtitles and modify subtitle speed, activate full screen mode or take frame screenshots.

The mobile app includes playback controls that enable you to jump to another song, as well as pause the currently loaded audio or video file. Furthermore, it enables you to use the smartphone as a touchpad to control the mouse cursor.

As for PowerPoint, you can use GOM Tray to start or end a presentation remotely, navigate to the next or the previous slide, load a file or turn the smartphone into a wireless mouse.

GOM Tray helps you out during presentations by enabling you to remotely jump to the next slide, without having to stay close to the PC to do so. Furthermore, it can prove useful when watching a movie or listening to music, since it offers you the possibility to control the player options even from another room.

GOM Tray was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on February 4th, 2014
GOM Tray - You can view your computer's pairing key and learn how to use the application from within the main window of GOM Tray.GOM Tray - The 'Preferences' section allows you to select the desired network adapter and set the PIN number.

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