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View a computing 'desktop' via the Internet

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Computer evolution takes place at a fast pace and it is hard for some users to keep up with their progress. Therefore, when something goes wrong with their PCs, they prefer to ask for help from their more tech savvy buddies. To save time and to get accurate information, it is best if these friends can connect remotely to the computer they need to fix. They can use VNC, thus being able not only to view the connected PC’s desktop, but also to control it.

In order to use VNC efficiently, the server and the viewer components need to be deployed on two different computers (this can be configured during early stages of the installation). The viewer needs to connect to the server before starting any connection. Also, before actually using this application, a license key needs to be obtained online, depending on the type of features one prefers.

After a connection is successfully established, users can save its details for later use, thus creating a so-called VNC Address Book. They can also preview the connected PC in full screen mode, thus getting better visibility onto the broken or infected target computer. With as much as simple mouse click, one can start a chat conversation or send the Ctrl+Alt+Del command, as well as find out the connection speed.

Experts can access the Options window of the Viewer component to enable or disable keyboard input and mouse input, activate Read-only Mode and modify the scaling method.

Whenever a user wants to make sure that no unauthorized personnel gets access to their apps and/or settings, they password protect them. VNC also provides this possibility, permitting each person to select a master password that will be requested before each connection.

All in all, VNC is a valuable tool when remote connections are necessary, or simply when users want to share printers, chat or transfer files. The software comes with a freeware license for private use, with restricted functions, so a paid license is required for business environments.

VNC was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on February 10th, 2015
VNC - VNC (Virtual Network Computing) will provide users with a remote control software which allows you to view and interact with one computerVNC - Users will be able to take full control of another PC that acts like a server and can choose to easily save the connection or start a chatVNC - The VNC Address Book will offer a list of basic functions as well as options like more advanced settingsVNC - screenshot #4VNC - screenshot #5VNC - screenshot #6VNC - screenshot #7VNC - screenshot #8VNC - screenshot #9VNC - screenshot #10VNC - screenshot #11VNC - screenshot #12VNC - screenshot #13VNC - screenshot #14VNC - screenshot #15

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