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A comprehensive application designed to work as a desktop search tool and web browser, helping users find files on their computers and on the Internet





JVP-Voyager is a desktop search application integrated with a web browser that helps users search their desktops and the Internet.

JVP-Voyager has several ways to search your desktop so that it is more efficient and useful. The desktop is not the internet. You don't need 1,000 pages ranked. What you need are the exact pages you are looking for in a general area on your desktop.

When a search engine plots an index, it is making a word list. A computer can search a word list with lightning speed. It is like an index at the back of your book, a word list with pages noted where they appear.

If, however, you want indexing of your hard drive, as opposed to web sites on the internet, indexing must be done daily since you change files and location all the time. If a new file is downloaded, it cannot be included in the search until a new indexing has taken place. This happens in the background, and it uses up resources, slowing down your computer.
Last updated on February 9th, 2014
JVP-Voyager - JVP-Voyager is a program that works both as a desktop search tool and as a web browser.JVP-Voyager - Users can access the Internet by typing a web address or search for a keyword in the search bar.JVP-Voyager - The Edit panel allows users to suppress Javascript errors or copy all HTML text from a page.JVP-Voyager - screenshot #4JVP-Voyager - screenshot #5

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