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A software utility that enables you to optimize your Prestashop e-commerce website, by performing SEO operations on the product keywords

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Prestashop is an e-commerce content management script you can use to create your own online shop, using a web server and a database to hold the information about your products. Amongst all the other data related to the items you sell, you can also enter keywords, also known as tags, which are used to allow users from all around the Internet to find them using search engines.

Connect to your Prestashop database

UltraSEO Professional is a software utility that enables you to optimize these keywords, in order make them easier to reach and offer you more hits on your website. Thus, by using complex SEO algorithms, the application goes through all of the available products and improves their tags by modifying the entries into the database.

To connect the utility to the shop, you need to enter the database authentication credentials, including host name, database name, username and password. In order for the application to function properly, you need to be using the MySQL engine, which is already the most common online database service.

Use AlchemyAPI to analyze your data

Furthermore, UltraSEO Professional makes use of AlchemyAPI in order to provide you with analysis regarding your data. Thus, you need a key for this service as well, for the application to work accordingly. As far as the connection is concerned, it is also possible to manually choose the default database port, as well as the table prefix.

Going into slightly more advanced configuration options, one of the useful features available is the ability to skip already optimized product tags, in order to increase the speed and performance of the optimization procedure. In addition, you can also use a HTTP tunnel to connect to your database, in case you are not able to access it using conventional methods.

Quick and simple Prestashop optimization

All in all, UltraSEO Professional can come in handy if you are the owner of a Prestashop e-commerce website and you need to increase the online exposure of your business. Moreover, the easy-to-use interface is very intuitive and friendly with beginners, since the entire process is automatic and does not really require your personal input.

UltraSEO Professional was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on October 6th, 2014
UltraSEO Professional - You can enter the database credentials into the main window of the application, as well as view information about your shop.UltraSEO Professional - The main menu allows you to create a new connection configuration, as well as save the current one.UltraSEO Professional - The Keywords Options tab allows you to skip already optimized products, as well as enter your AlchemyAPI key.UltraSEO ProfessionalUltraSEO Professional

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