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You can easily create a comprehensive set of ASP pages or applications that offer you access to opening and modifying database entries

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ASPRunner Professional is a reliable tool that enables you to build ASP functions or standalone applications through which you can have access to a multitude databases. The tool enables you to connect your app to a particular database, regardless if it is stored locally or on a remote server.

Build visually appealing classic ASP applications

ASPRunner Professional enables you to develop programs with the help of ASP tools, which enable you to search, edit, delete or append the data in the selected database. The utility allows you to work with several types of databases, including MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, DB2, SQLite, ODBC data source, Informix or even an Excel spreadsheet.

The program enables you to create several events that you can control in a database, especially if you work with a new project. You may easily add new connections, events, views, reports, charts or even dashboards.

Customize the database usage

ASPRunner Professional allows you to visually modify the structure of a database, as well as to append or update the tables in a certain connection. You can easily generate new, custom tables or edit the main menu to display only the elements you work with. The links, groups or individual items can easily be modified.

The tool includes pre-made templates for cars applications, classified, events, jobs, knowledge bases, news, PayPal, real estate, sports and vacation. You can also create a blank application that you can customize according to your requirements. Otherwise, you can open already saved projects and continue your work.

Quickly build your application

ASPRunner Professional allows you to build your app, in a visual environment, which enables you to customize its layout, then deploy it on the desired platform. When the process is finished, you can preview the application in your browser, save it to your computer or create an SQL script based on it. Alternatively, you can upload it directly to an FTP server, or to one of the available services.

ASPRunner Professional was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on September 22nd, 2015
ASPRunner Professional - ASPRunner Professional will help you create set of ASP pages to access and modify databases.ASPRunner Professional - The Database type will provide users with a list of options like MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access or PostgreSQL.ASPRunner Professional - Users will be required to enter the file path, login and password information for their database selection.ASPRunner Professional - screenshot #4ASPRunner Professional - screenshot #5ASPRunner Professional - screenshot #6ASPRunner Professional - screenshot #7ASPRunner Professional - screenshot #8ASPRunner Professional - screenshot #9ASPRunner Professional - screenshot #10ASPRunner Professional - screenshot #11ASPRunner Professional - screenshot #12ASPRunner Professional - screenshot #13

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