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An efficient and intuitive application functioning as a Data Source Name viewer to help you with your various DSN-related activities

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DSN Viewer is a lightweight and user-friendly piece of software created to offer you an easy means of displaying as well as exporting the information from a given DSN, with a minimal amount of effort.

No installation required

Following the download process, you can just unzip the archive and run the executable, since installing the application is not necessary for it to function.

Consequently, you can place DSN Viewer on a USB stick or other such portable storage devices, taking it with you wherever you need and using it on all compatible systems.

Basic user interface

The utility features a simple interface, with no appealing characteristics about it, but it manages to serve its purpose without trouble.

DSN Viewer enables you to input the targeted DSN in the proper field, along with your authentication credentials, choosing the type between ‘All’, ‘User’ (which is only accessible to the individual who created them) and ‘System’ (that can be accessed by anyone, being stored in a fixed location). The information is split into two panels, namely ‘Fields’ and ‘Tables’.

View and export DSN tables and indexes

After entering the required information for accessing the DSN, you can press on the ‘Connect’ button and within moments, the application will retrieve the data and display it for you to analyze. The DSN attributes comprise a wide range of information, for instance name and location of the data source, in some situations even user ID and password, or more.

Moreover, DSN Viewer provides you with the option to ‘Export Table Structure’ to a HTML file or an SQL definition, depending on your needs, thus enabling you to further work with it later, without having to connect to the DSN once again.

Useful DSN tool

To sum it up, DSN Viewer is an efficient albeit rather limited program which can assist you in displaying DSN information, allowing you to save it to HTML, with just a few button presses.

DSN Viewer was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on April 2nd, 2014
DSN Viewer - The main window of DSN Viewer enables you to select the DSN file that you want to manage.

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