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A tool for easily developing Queries and Stored Procedures





SQL Elite was designed to allow fast generation of SQL Statements and Stored Procedures. Once logged in, entire statements can be generated without ever writing a single word.

SQL Elite Statement and Stored Procedure generator connects directly to your database and displays all information for each column category. A typical SQL INSERT command, for both an SQL Statement and/or Stored Procedure, having 30 to 50 parameters or more, can be created in less than a minute; and both can be created and viewed side by side at the same time!

SQL Elite also generates a DECLARE and SET statement for each query making testing and evaluation a breeze. Each SQL Statement and Stored Procedure is presented in completed formats and can be inserted directly into applications and servers with no modifications. SQL Elite Statement and Stored Procedure generator addresses all four categories of SQL statements (Select, Insert, Update and Delete) and even permits all four to be seen simultaneously and in the same context.

SQL Elite is a Client/Server application that uses a continuous Internet connection, allowing it to connect to both localhost and on-line servers, giving developers both speed and flexibility when generating SQL statements or stored procedures. On a typical day, a developer can increase their code output efficiency by more than 70% and completely eliminate typographical and syntax errors.

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Last updated on September 1st, 2010
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