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You can use this user-friendly and intuitive application to easily open and read DBF files, as well as edit them or create new ones

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Sdbf is a lightweight and user-friendly piece of software designed to provide you with the means of opening and working with database files, without having to install any additional programs on your system.

In order to use the application, it is not necessary to install it, thanks to its portability feature. You can just unzip the archive and launch Sdbf. Its interface is quite basic and unimpressive, but it manages to do its job successfully.

In order to open a DBF file, you need to browse through your PC, then load it. Sdbf will display its contents, allowing you to modify them according to your requirements. Similarly, it enables you to export it to various formats, such as CSV, RTF or HTM, saving them to the source location of the file.

Sdbf offers two view modes, namely 'Win' and 'DOS', while also letting you translate information from one to the other. Similarly, you can 'Pack' or 'Clean' your DBF, as well as append data from other database files.

Moreover, Sdbf enables you to edit the header of your DBF or you can change its structure. Other functions include the ability to replace 'Values' or 'Chars' in your database file. You can also calculate 'Min', 'Max', 'Avg' or 'Sum'.

With Sdbf, you can create new database files, by inputting the intended name and choosing its location, as well as selecting the 'Type' between 'Clipper', 'BaseIII', 'BaseIV', 'BaseV', 'BaseVII', 'FoxPro' 'VisualFoxPro'. You can enter the 'Field Name', 'Field Type', 'Size' and 'Precision', then click on the 'Save' button.

Because it is a portable tool, Sdbf can be run from USB stick or similar removable media drives, on any compatible system. Because it does not go through an installation process, it does not create any registry entries, making its removal as simple as just deleting it from your PC.

To conclude, Sdbf is a useful and user-friendly utility that helps you easily work with your DBF files, being able to edit them however suits your needs.

Sdbf was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on May 6th, 2014
Sdbf - The main window of Sdbf allows you open the database file that you want to work withSdbf - From the File menu of the application, you can create a new database document or save the current oneSdbf - The Table menu enables you to pack or clean the DBF file, change its structure or edit the headerSdbf - screenshot #4Sdbf - screenshot #5Sdbf - screenshot #6Sdbf - screenshot #7

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