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A tool that allows you to create database applications and organize and present the information in them






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Sesame Database Manager is a tool that will allow you to create database applications, then organize and present the information in them.

Whether you are a small business do-it-yourselfer, the head of an organization, a corporate department administrator or a professional application developer, Sesame gives you the tools you need to easily create database applications and organize and present the information in them.

Features such as centralized application design facilities, a consistent form-based interface, intuitive query-by-example searching, and HTML reports will have you creating attractive and smoothly functioning applications soon after starting with Sesame.

If you are new to databases, Sesame makes getting started with simple applications easy, fast, and fun. For those with more experience, Sesame provides a variety of options within easy reach for customizing and programming your applications.

Sesame is built around proven client-server architecture. Your copy of Sesame can run standalone, serve other Sesame clients, or connect to a Sesame server - just by the way you start the program. And Sesame is truly cross-platform, currently available for Microsoft Windows and Linux. If you are considering switching platforms or you have a network environment mixing both platforms, Sesame is an ideal choice.

When making the switch to Sesame from another database manager, a variety of integrated facilities can help simplify that transition. Sesame provides Symantec Q&A users with an exclusive translator for Q&A databases. Those using other programs can take advantage of Sesame's data import facilities, including the ability to perform hierarchical imports when migrating from a relational product.

The documentation that comes with Sesame is designed to help you get started quickly and serve as a comprehensive reference as you explore Sesame's wealth of features and capabilities. Five lavishly-illustrated printed guides are included with the product, including a main user guide, quick-start tutorials and network setup booklets, a Q&A database translation guide and a programming guide.

And Sesame comes bundled with sample applications that you can begin using right away or easily customize to suit your needs.
Last updated on June 15th, 2014
Sesame Database Manager - Sesame Database Manager will help you create database applications and organize and present the information in themSesame Database Manager - Users will be able to add their data into fields such as Company, Address, City, Phone or EmailSesame Database Manager - The File menu will provide users with basic functions as well as Translate Q&A or ASCII / XML Database optionsSesame Database ManagerSesame Database ManagerSesame Database ManagerSesame Database Manager

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