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A practical, reliable and effective application worth having when you need to execute and concatenate SQL scripts within seconds

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concatSQL! is a useful and straightforward database solution worth having when you need to concatenate, execute and merge SQL scripts within seconds. Especially designed for database administrators, the program enables you to connect to any SQL database you want, open as many Manifest files as you need, then organize the scripts for rapid scripting and testing.

The application comes with an intuitive and user-friendly interface from where you can manage all the configurations.

First off, you need to set a new ‘Data Source’ by accessing the proper button located in the main toolbar. Specifying the name and the UDL file path, as well as generating or writing the connection strings are the minimum requirements when it comes to configuring a new database source.

The ‘Data Link’ button, located in the bottom pane of the ‘Data Source’ window, allows you to choose the data you want to connect to, then specify all the login information and select the database you want to work with. After closing the current window, you will notice that the ‘Connection String’ field is automatically completed with the proper scripts.

The ‘Modify Solution’ button enables you to locate the data source, then start managing and executing your SQL scripts. Also, the ‘SQL Tool!’ feature stays at your disposal when it comes to manually writing your own scripts and execute them with ease.

By navigating to the left panel of the application you are able to insert as many Manifest files as you want by specifying the filter, the source directory and the output file, while the right panel displays all of the available SQL documents, which you can merge using Placeholders and Hierarchical concatenation.

Considering all of the above, concatSQL! is by all means a practical and reliable database solution that comes in handy for users who need to quickly manage and concatenate SQL scripts, as well as efficiently test database creation and patch scripts.

concatSQL! was reviewed by Cristina Jitaru
Last updated on May 7th, 2015
concatSQL! - The main window of concatSQL! displays all of the available Manifest files along with their SQL scriptsconcatSQL! - The 'SQL Tool!' feature enables you to manually write down your scripts and execute themconcatSQL! - By accessing the 'Data Source' window you are able to set the UDL file path then configure the database you want to connect toconcatSQL! - screenshot #4concatSQL! - screenshot #5concatSQL! - screenshot #6concatSQL! - screenshot #7

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