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An easy to use FTP server, intended for personal usage that allows you to share files directly from your PC

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If you want to share files directly from your computer and the BitTorrent frenzy hasn't got you too yet, Home FTP Server is one of the best ways to do that.

The application has been specifically designed to address beginners, so configuration is just minimal. The interface is very simple and relies on intuitive buttons, although a help manual would be a godsend for the uninitiated ones.

There are dedicated buttons to start and stop the server, as well as for creating new accounts, modifying or deleting existing ones. Still, it's the settings menu that's more important in this case.

Beginners will have to change just a few options, most of them concerning the home directory and virtual directories that will host the files the administrator wants to share. Of course, you can configure permissions as well, which means you can allow downloading, uploading, renaming, deleting, changing, creating or deleting directories.

Advanced users will be glad to hear that there are many more settings in there, including options to set up domain aliases, file control and even a banned list to block specific IPs.

In addition, Home FTP Server comes with support for web interface and multiple admins, with just a few options available such as authorization port, session timout and of course, the username and password.

The good thing about Home FTP Server is that it's extremely easy to use and it is indeed a perfect solution for home users who don't want to waste time setting up complex applications.

All in all giving a try to Home FTP Serverit's most likely a very good idea. It has a good feature pack and is not difficult to operate.

Home FTP Server was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on December 19th, 2013
Home FTP Server - The main window of Home FTP Server enables users to explore their created accountsHome FTP Server - When you want to add a new account, you can specify the username and password, as well as limit the download speedHome FTP Server - You can access the dedicated tab when you want to add the virtual directories you are interested inHome FTP Server - screenshot #4Home FTP Server - screenshot #5Home FTP Server - screenshot #6Home FTP Server - screenshot #7Home FTP Server - screenshot #8Home FTP Server - screenshot #9Home FTP Server - screenshot #10Home FTP Server - screenshot #11Home FTP Server - screenshot #12

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