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This software is an IRC server written from scratch for the Windows 9x - NT operating systems.

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JoinMe is an IRC server management application designed to provide a simple communication method for local and small networks. It can be used to create IRC servers and allow connected users to initiate private and public conversations, while permanently being monitored by the server user.

The main interface of the application displays detailed information about the server (host), the number of online users, operators and active channels, received and sent messages. Also, you can view the total running time of the server and the active bots.

Based on the Internet Relay Chat protocol, JoinMe provides support for the most common commands used by IRC applications (e.g. PASS, NICK, USER, OPER etc.) and it is compatible with any IRC client. However, you cannot use it for server to server communication.

The 'Server Settings' window allows you to configure the connection details. You can change the computer and the server name, the port and the network. In addition, the program enables you to set limits for the number of users, channels that one user can connect to and users per host.

Changing administrator information, adding or deleting operators, inserting BOTs into your server (using external DLL plug-ins) and server activity logging (debugging and client errors) are other available options.

The server manager can view a complete list of the online users (together with specific information, such as nickname, user name, full name, remote host and user modes), change nicks and kill users, as well as monitor the active channels. Server usage statistics are also available, as you can generate graphs for the active user number or the message sent queue.

Although it is currently no longer supported by its developer, JoinMe is still a handy tool for those who want to create their own IRC server, enabling easy communication between network users.

JoinMe was reviewed by Mihaela Teodorovici
Last updated on November 20th, 2012
JoinMe - The main window of the JoinMe displays the Server's name and the Channel used by the userJoinMe - Settings can be customized from the Settings Server window of the JoinMe