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A SIP / VOIP server that is very easy to configure, helping you build, maintain and manage a VoIP system to make and receive calls






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miniSipServer is an easy-to-use, powerful SIP / VOIP server built on the open SIP standard, designed to provide users with the possibility to deploy and manage their VoIP system via a GUI interface.

The program has been created with support for a broad range of popular SIP hardware phones and softphones and to eliminate the vendor lock in that these devices usually come with. The server makes it possible to make and receive calls via cellphone networks using VoIP gateways.

With the help of miniSipServer, admins can deploy a series of rich services that are beneficial for their businesses, including voice mail, ring groups, and find me/follow me. Moreover, they can ensure that employees are efficient regardless of where they work, as they can continue to communicate without making configuration changes.

The program stores all of the configuration options and data in the install directory. It can be used to monitor a user's state, as well as to access a carrier's network, given that it comes with support for the RFC3261 protocol.

miniSipServer also includes support for CDR (Call Detail Record), system black list, and STUN. At the same time, it is very easy to configure, allowing users to have the VoIP system up and running in a couple of hours.
Last updated on May 28th, 2015
miniSipServer - The application's main window provides users with info on the status of all the included componentsminiSipServer - The file menu allows users to change the language of the application's main window and to save or clear the log windowminiSipServer - The Data menu offers access to the System, Local Users, and External Lines settings windows, as well as to SIP trunkminiSipServerminiSipServerminiSipServerminiSipServerminiSipServerminiSipServerminiSipServerminiSipServerminiSipServerminiSipServerminiSipServerminiSipServerminiSipServerminiSipServerminiSipServerminiSipServerminiSipServerminiSipServerminiSipServerminiSipServerminiSipServerminiSipServerminiSipServerminiSipServer