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An application that searches for proxy servers, tests their anonymity and includes a custom filter for dangerous or unwanted ranges

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Connecting to the Internet without revealing your real IP, in order to avoid traffic monitoring or simply browse any website anonymously can be easily done by using one of the many proxy servers available out there. However, finding and connecting to the right one, might not be such an easy job and this is why dedicated utilities like Charon are available.

Through a simple interface that makes the operation a bit more easy, this program offers you a wide varity of options when it comes to testing proxies from a list you can load with a just couple of clicks.

Charon provides several methods for checking each and all the selected items, so you can test the anonymity, scan IP range for proxies and even check search engines to see whether new proxies can be found and added to your list.

There are some filters you can apply so as to avoid dodgy sites, duplicates and gateways. Also, with Charon you can select the order in which proxy ports will be checked and have other ports that may be found either deleted or kept just by ticking the corresponding box.

Before connecting to a certain proxy server, you can customize the connection options in great detail. Thus, you can set thread control settings, check for HTTP proxies, as well as test the gateway servers to the end of the route.

You can even set scores for various features offered by the selected proxy in order to obtain a more accurate rating for that server. The built-in 'Blacklist Scanner' of Charon will enable you to see whether the IPs on the list are detected by specialized servers as undesirable for reasons such as spamming.

To sum it all up, it's save to say that this particular software will make it more easy for anyone to connect to a proxy server in a safer manner, knowing if that IP will ensure anonymity and a decent connection speed.

Charon was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on August 22nd, 2013
Charon - With the help of Charon you are able to search for proxy programs in an intuitive environmentCharon - From the context menu you have the possibility to test the selected proxy serversCharon - You can access the Connect Options window if you want to use external judges and change the port scanning settingsCharon - screenshot #4Charon - screenshot #5Charon - screenshot #6

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