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Modify request headers and response headers. Very easy to use, just adding the header name and replacement text.

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Fundamental for the functioning of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol, the header fields are some of the most important parts of an HTTP transaction since they define its running parameters. Altering them is a common method of bypassing certain Internet access restrictions.

When manually performing these modifications is not possible, a utility like ISPCE might come in very handy. What this program can do is help you change the headers, use filters and query URLs, all with minimal effort.

Lightweight and very easy to install, the software comes with a well organized interface that is rather bent on functionality rather than looks. All the functions are at hand at all times and the configurations can be performed with only a couple of clicks.

From the 'Main Menu' area of ISPCE you will be able to view the current status of the connection, change the listen port as well as activate or deactivate several options. Thus, you can activate the 'Query Mode', choose to use filter header, character replacer or even a proxy.

With ISPCE you can also add several types of queries to URLs, namely front, middle or back queries. You can pick the desired proxy type, server and port, as well as activate the 'Tunnel Mode'.

A great feature that makes the software so user friendly is the enhanced accessibility provided by the tray icon. You just have to right-click it and all above-mentioned functions will become available on the spot.

With a nice and simple interface, a decent feature pack and easy enough to be handled by less experienced users, ISPCE puts up a good performance and earns a place among the recommended tools in its category.

ISPCE was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on February 7th, 2013
ISPCE - From the main menu you can easily access all the features of the application.ISPCE - screenshot #2ISPCE - screenshot #3ISPCE - screenshot #4ISPCE - screenshot #5

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